Reflecting the creativity and passion behind the kitchen to memorable experiences to commensals

Where Japan meets the Mediterranean


Serving up a fusion of Mediterranean and traditional Japanese cuisine techniques, Zela restaurants take us on a sensory journey that through cuisine tell us their story. 

Nothing stands still as we reorder, adapt, savour and become. Zela draws on cultural diversity and gastronomic heritage that keeps evolving. 


History hasn’t been written.
We are cooking it.

Services provided

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy
Brand Experience
Concept Development
Customer Experience
Content Strategy
Visual Design
Content Creation
Social Media Design
Campaign Design

The Brief

As a new restaurant in one of the most demanding culinary capitals of the world, Zela’s challenge was to drive awareness, make Londoners experience and fall in love with the uniqueness of the brand.

To relish the challenge and spotlight Zela in London, we were asked to map a strategy that would strengthen the brand story, focusing on exposure, awareness, momentum and retention.

Our Objectives

Our goal was to develop a brand that felt intentionally unexpected, a visual language that embraced the rich story and creativity behind Zela’s cuisine and a memorable experience to make people crave for more. 

We aimed to drive immediate impact through short term goals while building a sustainable business and a lovable brand in the long term.

More info

As a fine dining restaurant, a great customer experience is essential. RODLEM team dived into the culture of Zela, went through each customer touchpoint, and spent time experiencing the busy kitchen, meeting the team and witnessing the passion and hard work behind each dish. 

This experience was very enriching; we discovered that a big part of Zela’s story and team’s passion was getting lost from the kitchen to the table, as it happens in many restaurants.

We developed an appealing story that enhanced Zela’s essence to inspire, engage and connect with people.

Based on sustainable solutions, we worked with Zela to create a consistent and robust theme for their branding, focusing on exposure and awareness while allowing the London crowd to experience Zela. The new visitors increased the short-term sales, and the strengthened branding and customer experience ensured the future.

We proposed alignment of the brand to ensure a strong, consistent message across all channels. Guerilla Marketing initiatives with audiovisual support on social and digital channels to create powerful messaging and invoke emotions. A Summer Event Series to create awareness, desirability, retention, and momentum by testing and learning through the London crowd preferences.


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