Creating a personal brand that inspires transformation unlocks people’s potential and embraces a winning mindset to become the best version of themselves.

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Amalia Couzoff is a leadership & high-performance coach that helps leaders and ambitious professionals shift their mindset, unlock their potential and transform their performance so they can reach their personal and business success.


Refocus – Explore – Create

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The Brief

Passionate about performance, with a background and over 12-year experience in businesses, leadership and coaching practice, Amalia wanted to leverage her skills and knowledge to help entrepreneurs like you achieve their goals.

To resonate with her audience, Amalia invited RODLEM to design and develop an empowering brand that embraced transformation through self-discovery and mindset shifts.

Our Objectives

Being an entrepreneur or ambitious professional is a challenging journey – full of ups and downs- that many don’t dare to take.

Our goal with Amalia Couzoff was to design an empathetic brand that felt human, with a thorough understanding of the challenges of shaping a balanced life. Inspires these people to dream big, work on their skill set and get ready to embrace success.

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It is not easy to be an entrepreneur and lead a successful life or career, the journey can make you feel you are not enough or you are not on the right path. You dream big, and you have a can-do attitude, yet you feel stuck or make slow progress – when you know you could do so much better!

It’s often the resilience of your own spirit that gets you through it. We wanted to speak to this – Taking Amalia’s vision “Refocus – Explore – Create ”, to develop a brand image that didn’t advocate perfection or unrealistic ideals. Rather, it empowers entrepreneurs to Re-focus and take control of their lives. Explore possibilities, understanding that everything they need to succeed is within them. Embracing a winning mindset to Create their future, achieve high performance and reach their personal and business growth.

Every element in our brand system is supported by a strategy that welcomes ambitious professionals to lead from within themselves as they experiment with their own personal style and identity.

We’re thrilled to have partnered so closely with Amalia in helping to shape her vision and bring the brand to life.

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